Redeem Voucher

Please fill the voucher and vehicle registration and other details below, and submit form. If you want to use voucher for vehicle VIN number click here.

Delivery Notes:
Your report will be sent to provided email address. You will also be able to download report on the next page after successful voucher redeem.

Note: Please don't reload page or click back button after clicking below button.

How vouchers are helpful?

If you purchase more than one report, you will get a discounted price per report. To avail the discount, you can purchase vouchers in advance and use vouchers for your required vehicle checks whenever needed in the future. You can purchase new car check report vouchers here.

For how long vouchers are valid to use after purchase?

Vouchers are valid for one year after purchase. You can use vouchers anytime within 1 year.

Can I download Plus or Premium car check reports for my vehicle by direct order?

There are two ways, order a Plus or Premium car check report directly or purchase vouchers for later use. If you do not want to purchase vouchers then you can purchase Plus or Premium car check report directly from your vehicle report page.

I am interested in a basic (free) car check report, do I need a voucher?

No, basic (free) car check report can be seen and downloaded without voucher. Simply search your required registration number in the search bar available in the top header or in home page. Alternatively browse car registration numbers list to find your vehicle using this link.